Affno's combination of design sense and technological expertise
has made us renowned for building highly powerful solutions
neatly packaged for a remarkable user experience.


  • Mobile technology has changed the world. Have you adapted?

    Affno's HTML5−driven mobile applications, mobile websites and mobile portals are compatible across the range of mobile platforms, including Apple, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Be the first to offer your customers mobile access to your services, the convenience of mobile payment, and customised SMS campaigns. Or empower your staff and field workers with specially designed mobile tools.

  • Mobile Websites and Portals

    Globally, the mobile has overtaken the PC as the medium of choice for accessing the web. Make life easy for customers on the move with an elegant and intuitive mobile website. Affno offers mobile sites and portals that make use of HTML5 adaptive design and intelligently adjust to suit the device on which they are viewed.

  • Mobile Applications

    Win customer loyalty and new business by offering your services, and exciting value additions, via the mobile medium. Or equip your employees with mobile tools to enhance productivity and aid them in the field. Affno's mobile applications make intelligent use of HTML5, manage the need to support several platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry, ensure performance across device types, guarantee security and compliance, and upgrade easily.

  • Mobile Payment

    Provide the ultimate in convenience − support your customers and partners in making payments with the tap of a button. Affno makes possible highly secure mobile payments with comprehensive security features such as multi−level authentication and certificates of confirmation.

  • Mobile Messaging Campaigns

    Direct your marketing message directly into your customers' pockets. Run your own SMS and two−way USSD campaigns without needing to depend on service providers. That means no more hassle, no more delays, and no more worrying about your creative ideas leaking out to the competition. Affno empowers you in rolling out time−scheduled and customised messaging campaigns which facilitate recipient responses.



The whole package − from web design and development to marketing and SEO.

Don't just take your brand online − give it life and purpose. Affno designs websites which make an impact and attract business and investment. We work with you to identify your goals and then cater each element of your new website to their achievement.

Making use of HTML5 technology, refined SEO techniques, and over a dozen years of cross−industry experience, Affno combines aesthetic and functional expertise to deliver award−winning web solutions. A dedicated Maintenance Project Manager supports you in maintaining an active, responsive and engaging website, ensuring that you continue to derive the most from your online presence.

We also support you in strategically marketing your brand through search engines, social networks and online advertisements, so that you can take full advantage of all the time your audience spends online.



  • It takes skill to craft technology that brings real business success.

    It's the Internet Age. Are you still bogged down by manual processes? Streamlining your organisation through digitisation is easier than you think, and it will bring about major improvements in quality and productivity. Affno's software products empower you to gain more value from the workday without requiring major infrastructure and process upheaval. And we support you every step of the way as you make the transition towards state−of−the−art operations.

  • Enterprise Content Management

    The digitisation of physical documents makes content rapidly accessible across departments, branches and even countries. This removes dependency on the movement of physical files and immediately creates major improvements in productivity. Workspaces become cleaner and greener as piles of paper become a thing of the past. Affno's Enterprise Content Management allows browser−based management of digitised files, providing organisation, rapid search, security and transparency, and facilitating cross−enterprise collaboration and management visibility.

  • Workflow Management

    Derive more value from the workday. Workflow Management is about getting things done in the most productive way possible. How? By automating manual processes and redesigning operations to minimise steps and maximise output. Affno Workflow Management also creates visibility across processes − so management has new insight into process blocks, employee productivity and relative inputs and outputs.

  • Correspondence Management

    Build your organisation's profile with effective external and internal correspondence. Affno Correspondence Management intelligently categorises and routes correspondence, making it easy to access all communications on a particular subject, whether email, physical mail, faxes, or more. It also lets you manage the quality of outgoing communications, leverage new insight into correspondence patterns and quickly delve into the content of emails, and their attachments, to locate crucial information.

  • Record Room Management

    Tracking down a specific file in your record room need not be a fearsome exercise. Affno Record Room Management allows records to be located rapidly, transforming the way your organisation accesses and makes use of its stored information. Current record status and a history of usage are maintained, creating accountability and transparency. Management of your records never looked so easy.

  • Legal Matter Management

    Change the way you handle time−bound matters, lengthy litigation processes, and everything in between. Affno Legal Matter Management automates and streamlines daily operations across the firm, while managing massive numbers of legal documents. Legal officers can improve efficiency through using virtual files and need never miss a contract expiration or court appearance again. The solution maintains schedules, provides reminders and makes material available as necessary. And that's only the beginning.

  • Insurance Claims Management

    Use informational efficiency to serve your clients better. Affno Insurance Claims Management makes applications, forms, photographic evidence, and more, instantly accessible across departments and branches, digitally. Effectively manage customer claim information and access rights, avoid data re−entry and prevent fraudulent claims. Minimise turnaround time for claims processing, and transform they way you operate by identifying trends and eliminating bottlenecks.

  • e−Tender

    Publishing tenders, and evaluating respondents, is no easy task. Affno e−Tender maximises the productivity and transparency of procurement. It automates the purchasing process, sorting bids by price to simplify decision making, sending award notifications, generating purchase orders, and much more. The solution cuts publishing costs and expands reach to include cost−effective foreign suppliers. It provides organisations with a global reach to suppliers − a reach that only the Internet can provide.